Ineke Vandoorn – presenter at IJVC 2023, Helsinki

Topic: Putting the Voice First: A New Perspective on Vocal Improvisation

Date and Time: October 5, 2023 (DAY 1), from 11.20-12.00

Ineke Van Doorn is a highly respected authority as a jazz singer, improvisor and teacher. Her book ‘Singing from the Inside Out’ (2016 ArtEZ University Press) got international acclaim and is used worldwide. Labeled as ‘the adventurer among the Dutch jazz vocalists’ Ineke has been praised for her personal style, her expressive improvisations and her seemingly unlimited vocal capacities. Her 13 CD’s, often co-lead by guitarist Marc van Vugt has line-ups ranging from a jazz trio to the Metropole Orchestra. Ineke performed in New York, Japan, Europe, South Asia and extensively in Canada, often combining performing with teaching masterclasses. She is a voice professor at the ArtEZ University, Arnhem (NL) and served 6 years on the board of the European Voice Teachers Association. Ineke lectured at the JEN Conference (USA), ICVT Vienna and was keynote speaker at Eurovox Riga (LV), Eurovox The Hague (NL) and ICVT Stockholm (SE). Her article on ‘Breathing technique for jazz and pop singers’ was published by the NATS Journal of Singing (USA).