… from the first sounds of Marc’s guitar and from the first notes by Ineke, you understand that this is jazz and nothing else.
… Everything that pleased in those early albums remained with them, but now a great deal of experience has been added, and the level of understanding has reached telepathic heights. Leonid Auskern – Jazzquad – Russia

Ineke Vandoorn glides effortlessly through the eleven original compositions, and is able to sing a song convincingly and put down meaningful wordless improvisations. Herman te Loo –

The eleven original compositions sound like a road trip in itself, reflecting the emptiness and vastness of the Canadian landscape. Zing Magazine

Crossing Canada opens up as an album with inspired guitar and vocals, harmonious and melodic, and full of surprising stories that you listen to intensely. Bernard Lefèvre – Jazz’halo- Belgium

The voice of Ineke Vandoorn is intriguing, the guitar playing of Marc van Vugt is no less. The timing of the singer is perfect, her voice is warm and penetrating, the improvisations she contributes often place the music on a different track. But above all, she forms a close unit with the guitar sounds of Marc van Vugt. He manages to let staccato parts transform into singing counterpoints to his partner’s voice antics. You are therefore sucked into an intimacy that sometimes makes you wonder: is it appropriate to be here? Rinus van de Heijden –

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