Ineke Vandoorn Meets Jasper van ‘t Hof

Ineke Vandoorn -voice and

INEKE VANDOORN -VOICE AND Jasper van ‘t Hof – piano

Dutch Grammy (Edison) winner and ‘the adventurer among the Dutch jazz singers’ Ineke Vandoorn meets the keyboard virtuoso of European jazz Jasper van ’t Hof.

Trailer Ineke Vandoorn Meets Jasper van ‘t Hof

The year you turn 60 is considered a new birth in Japan because, for the first time, the star alignment is exactly as it was at your birthday. To celebrate her ‘Kanreki’ year, Ineke started some special collaborations.

For years, Ineke has had the desire to play in a duo with Jasper van ‘t Hof (pi /synth). His unbridled enthusiasm, his virtuosity and unique musical personality makes it a challenge for both of them to give shape to the classic ‘singer with pianist’ line-up. A musical encounter that provides something for everyone: players and audience enjoy quiet and intimate moments to grand and expressive outbursts.

Boy Edgar prize winner Jasper van ‘t Hof (pi /synth) hardly needs introduction after an international career of over 50 years. He is a true musical omnivore and has played in hundreds of combinations and in large and small formations. From solo to Big Band, with Philip Catherine, Charlie Mariano, Archie Shepp, Ernie Watts, Bob Malach and many others. For fifty years he has toured European, Asian and African countries. Always looking for new adventures.

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Recordings were made with the kind support of the Sena Productiefonds and the Performing Arts Fund NL