Ineke Vandoorn Meets Jasper van ‘t Hof

Ineke Vandoorn -voice/FX and JASPER VAN ‘T HOF – PIANO/SYNTHS

Dancing on Water – Ineke Vandoorn meets Jasper van ‘t Hof

‘The adventurer among jazz singers’ (De Volkskrant). Dutch Grammy winner Ineke Vandoorn still lives up to this description. This time in an exciting duo with pianist and multiple award-winner Jasper van ‘t Hof. Both are known for their longstanding careers wherein they each developed their own inimitable styles. An unlikely but unique duo that offers a new perspective on the traditional ‘singer and pianist’ combination.

Together they surprise us with a delicate dance of an expressive voice, with seemingly unlimited potential and warmth, and ten virtuosic, sometimes ferocious, fingers. They deliver an original and varied repertoire that combines intricately intertwined melodies with an Indian raga, a Paul Simon song, and dazzling improvisations. Musical conversations that evoke artists as disparate as Betty Carter, Joni Mitchell, Norma Winstone and Flora Purim.

Dancing on Water was presented in the spring of 2024 at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam and TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht.


  • The sounding result is unpredictable and surprising, but also intelligent and original. In short, a wonderful CD.(*****(5/5) Zing Magazine -Oswin Schneeweisz, April/May 24)

  • Rarely, perhaps never heard how two musicians find each other in this way: monumental, unrelenting, closely matched, mutually uplifting. Dancing on Water is a giant album. ( – Rinus van der Heijden, 24.2.24)
  • Together, they form an utter symbiosis. This album is out of this world. (Jazzflits – Jeroen de Valk, 15.1.24)
  • A top duo! ( – Bernard Lefèvre, 23.4.24)
  • Daredevilry at the highest level. (Jazzism – Coen de Jonge 24.2.24)
  • Rarely do you come across a release that is so incredibly captivating from start to finish that, as a listener, you are completely absorbed in the moment. It breathes, it lives, it effervesces, it moves…. and then there is the silence of the finale. ( – Koen Scherer, 24.2.24)
  • It’s a genius connection like you just don’t hear. Each of the 6 tracks is a gem. (*****(5/5) – Patrick Španko, 18.4.24)
  • The opener “Quiet,” nota bene composed by Paul Simon, is overwhelming. Her vibrant voice on the album’s six tracks ranges from incantatory, religious, classical to improv. Emotions fly from lyric to wordless. A surprisingly beautiful album. (Jazzenzo – Erno Elsinga, 19.2.24)
  • Jazzy world music to enjoy and (re)listen to! (*****/* (5,5/6) – HuGe, 21.1.24)
  • Ineke Vandoorn’s singing voice, e.g. in the song Yagapriya, is spectacular.  (The Walkers – Masayuki Koito- Japan, 12-03-2024)
  • ..On the six captivating tracks, including two covers, Vandoorn thrives greatly and her beautiful voice glides smoothly through the intensely beautiful songs.(Heaven – Pieter Wijnstekers, 24.2.24)

  • …and a stunning ten-minute interpretation of the South Indian raga Yagapriya by Charlie Mariano and Ramamani – for me a completely unexpected turn of the album and, at the same time, its peak. Both Ineke and Jasper surprises us once again, and very pleasantly! ( – Leonid Auskern 29.3.24)


Ineke: ‘I like a challenge. A close friend recently remarked that if something seems easy, it usually doesn’t interest me. And indeed, a duo with a piano virtuoso like Jasper van ‘t Hof is not the most likely choice for a singer. I have known Jasper for a long time and admire him for his enthusiasm and his attitude towards music. His playing is always recognizable; after four notes you know: this is Jasper van ‘t Hof. Whether in a beautiful ballad or when he goes completely wild with bursts of energy, Jasper always has a story to tell, it always makes sense. I was very curious to hear where our collaboration would lead. Playing with this duo feels like walking on a very thin line, like a beautiful and exciting balancing act, or like a dance on water, in which we both give and take, inviting each other to give the best of ourselves to the music.

Jasper: ‘Ineke’s invitation to make a duorecording certainly hit my musical sweet spot. I was able to reveal the soul of my playing within the freedom of Ineke’s concept. The content of the music became a kind of spinning top, where our interaction was intensely and creatively captured in the moment. A studio recording can too often be experienced as a constraint on your creative freedom. With Ineke, however, it was like a very profound conversation! Westood right across from each other and… just went for it!! A great recording experience! Enjoy.’
Trailer ‘Dancing On Water’ – Ineke Vandoorn Meets Jasper van ‘t Hof

Ineke Vandoorn

Dutch Edison winner, jazz singer Ineke Vandoorn is a highly respected authority as a jazz singer and improvisor. She has been praised for her personal style and her seemingly unlimited vocal capacities. The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant called her ‘the adventurer among the Dutch jazz vocalists.’ Ineke specialises in performing original music that is thoughtful and multi-layered and combines lyrical songs with expressive improvisations. As a (co-)leader Ineke released 13 CD’s with line-ups ranging from a jazz trio to the Metropole Orchestra (conducted by Vince Mendoza) and the Dutch Chamber Choir.

Ineke played in clubs and festivals in Canada, New York, Japan, France, Germany, Indonesia and others and played with Marc van Vugt (NL), Robin Eubanks (USA), Kenny Wheeler (UK), Norma Winstone (UK), Andy Sheppard (UK), Don Thompson (CA), Thomas Chapin (USA), Sylvain Beuf (F) and Jasper van ’t Hof (NL). Both in 2016 and 2018 she toured for 5 weeks in Canada. In 2019 she toured in South Asia.

Jasper van ‘t Hof

Boy Edgar prize winner Jasper van ‘t Hof (pi /synth) hardly needs introduction after an international career of over 50 years. He is a true musical omnivore and has played in hundreds of combinations and in large and small formations. From solo to Big Band, with Philip Catherine, Charlie Mariano, Archie Shepp, Ernie Watts, Bob Malach and many others. For fifty years he has toured European, Asian and African countries. Always looking for new adventures.