Our new CD ‘Crossing Canada’

has just been released. Eleven tracks that were live recorded during two 5 weeks tours across Canada.

Both in 2016 and 2018 we toured across Canada for 5 weeks, traveling from east to west through the wide Canadian Prairies and over the Rocky Mountains. Having grown up in a tiny country like the Netherlands it is hard to have a concept of the vastness of Canada. Until you find yourself driving through it and the next exit on the highway happens to be 500 km away!

The music and lyrics we performed reflect the many travels we made and the people we met over the years in the flat land of the Dutch polders, in the French mountains and in the tropical rains of Bali. And, although touring can get pretty intense, sharing these stories with such a variety of audiences so far away from home felt very special.

Some of the concerts were recorded live, though under simple circumstances. On this album we present a selection of these recordings, making you part of the precious moments we experienced while crossing Canada.