This is an overview of the concerts Ineke Vandoorn& Marc van Vugt did in small line-ups. You can also check the info about the projects they did with Big Big Bizar Habit.


- Artist-in residence in the Dommelhof, Neerpelt (Belgium) with Sandip Bhattacharya (tabla) and Jozef Dumoulin (fender rhodes)
- CD release concerts (what about) WORDS with Big Bizar Habit. Featuring trombonist Robin Eubanks (USA - Dave Holland)
Opening concert of the new jazz hall ‘Cloud Nine’ of Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht with Big Bizar Habit.
- Collectibles; duo concerts with guitarist Marc van Vugt 2013

- In the fall: Release of the Cd 'WHITE'. This CD offers trio recordings with sax player Andy Sheppard (UK), Hublot Big Bang King Replica quartet recordings with Sylvain Beuf (Fr) and Michael Vatcher(USA/NL), recordings with the Dutch chamber choir (Het Nederlands Kamerkoor) and with the 11-piece jazz chamber orchestra Big Bizar Habit! Concerts, playing in a quartet with Paul Berner (bass) and Joost Lijbaart or Michael Vatcher (drums).
- Duo and trio-concerts with guitarists Marc van Vugt and Michael Occhipinti (CAN). - Ubuntu: 5 day Composition, Improvisation and Performance project with Marc van Vugt, Ineke Vandoorn, Robin Eubanks, Michael Occhipinti (Can), Saskia Coolen (Nl), Steve Beresford(UK) , Sylvain Beuf (FR) and HKU students and alumni. Concerts in Vredenburg Leische Rijn and in K&W, Utrecht. 2011/2012

In 2011/2012 we played in a duo, trio and quartet, with different special guests like trombonist Robin Eubanks (USA), guitarist Michael Occhipinti (Can), bassplayer Dan Fortin (Can), drummer Martin Franke (G) and Sandip Bhattacharya (India).
- In March and August '12 we toured twice in Canada, ao at the Markham Jazz Festival and at The Rex (Toronto).
- Dec '12 the single and sheet music of HOLYSLOOT was released. An intimate and evocative jazz song that will be part of the new album WHITE that is scheduled for 2013.
- In April '12 Marc and Ineke played a concert and were interviewed at Marfa Public Radio in Marfa Texas (USA).
- Also in April '12 we were artists in residence at the Navaho Hubbell Trading Post in Arizona (USA), were we performed and taught workshops.
- October '11 we played in a quartet featuring Tony Overwater (bass) and Sandip Bhattacharya (tabla/percussion). For some years Ineke took vocal percussion lessons with Sandip, and we have wanting to perform together ever since!
- Fall 2011 we travelled to Malta were to play in a quartet with jazz/world music players Steven Kamperman (clarinet/sax) and Behsat Uvez (saz, ud, voice).
- In April/May '11 we visited Bali for an artist-in-residence . On our way back we played concerts in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia.
2008-2010 JuliusWatch

Trio concerts with a.o. Eric Vloeimans (trumpet), Jasper van 't Hof (piano), Paul van Kemenade (alto sax), Martin Franke (dr) and poet Ingmar Heytze.
Christmas concert performing with a.o. the members of Camerate Trajectina (medievaI music), Insomnio (contemporary music ensemble) and Barana (world music). 2008 Scooterdagboek on tour. Together with poet Ingmar Heytze, guitarist Marc van Vugt and singer Ineke van Doorn perform a live, partly improvised, soundtrack for Heytze's Scooterdagboek. 2007In 2007, Ineke van Doorn and Marc van Vugt embarked on a project with het Nederlands Kamerkoor (Netherlands Chamber Choir) called Inventing Jazz. Het Nederlands Kamerkoor is a full-time and independent professional chamber choir and one of the leading choirs in Europe. With Inventing Jazz, the choir was entering the arena of jazz and improvisation for the very first time. The program was performed a.o. in the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, in the new Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, also in Amsterdam, and was broadcasted by national radio (NPS).
2006Vandoorn gets a grant from the SJULab, Utrecht for their program 'Double trio bill' in which they perform together with the trio 'Braam DeJoodeVatcher' exanging their reperoire. This programm is repeated at the opening night of the 'Stranger than Paranoia festival' in Tilburg. A new CD 'Dawn' is released: recordings at which Ineke and Marc van Vugt perform their original compositions with the Dutch Metropole Orkest conducted by Vince Mendoza.
2005 Performances in Macedonia and Germany (Viersen festival).
2005/2004 Jubileetour with three different saxplayers. Vandoorn performs their program News of the Day with Andy Sheppard, Sylvain Beuf and Paul van Kemenade. They record this program with Andy Sheppard. This cd will probably be released in 2007.
In 2005 Vandoorn played at the Main Biénnale, a jubilee festival for which they invited as collaborators many musicians (like Robin Eubanks- USA), a poet, architect, French photographer and a couple of visual artists.
2003Invited by the Dutch national radio Vandoorn did a special project for the Musica Sacra Festival in Maastricht. Based on the theme Pelgrimage they wrote a special program which was performed with the French sax player Sylvain Beuf and drummer Michael Vatcher ( USA). The Thuiskopie Fonds commissioned Marc van Vugt and Ineke van Doorn to write new compositions for Vandoorn.
2002Started with a recording project with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. Vandoorn's compositions were conducted by Vince Mendoza and John Clayton. Arrangements were made by a.o. Marc van Vugt and Jim McNealy. In 2006 the recordings were released on the cd 'Dawn'.

In the beginning of 2002 the newest Cd Uncovered (with alto sax player Paul van Kemenade) was released. On this Cd Vandoorn plays a mix of originals (some with Dutch lyrics) and standards. They played in clubs, played for national television and made their Parisian debut in June. In October Vandoorn toured in Indonesia with saxophonist Andy Sheppard (Carla Bley trio), in December they played the Dutch Touch Jazzfestival in Parijs with singer David Linx.
2001started with their first tour with saxophonist Paul van Kemenade, presenting the Cd 'Love is a Golden Glue' (a trio Cd with Eric Vloeimans on trumpet). For this Cd they received an Edison Jazz Award (Dutch Grammy). Followed by the project Vandoorn's Strings Only (metal, nylon, vocal strings) with voice, guitar, strings and piano. In April this project could be heard at the SJU Jazz Festival in Utrecht. In June they did a tour in Hungary.
2000Vandoorn toured two weeks in Canada and New York. This was their third tour in Canada. During this tour they performed for radio- and television and appeared at the Jazzfestivals of Montreal, Vancouver, Saskatchwan, Winnipeg, Halifax and Toronto and a club performance at the famous Knitting Factory in New York.
1998 In 1998 Vandoorn was invited for the North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague. Featured guest was New York trombonist Robin Eubanks (Dave Holland quintet). A collaboration followed, resulting in the Cd 'Four Brothers' (1999).
In 1998 Vandoorn represented the Netherlands at the EBU-Jazz Festival in Vienna. They were also one of the headliners at the International Jazz Festival Ottawa, Canada.
1997 Vandoorn made their successful debut in the USA and Canada with special guest Thomas Chapin at The Knitting Factory's Texaco New York Jazzfestival, the world's most important new music festival. Following this festival Vandoorn was featured at club dates in Toronto and at the Montreal International Jazzfestival where an audience of more than 20.000 people enjoyed their music.

In the fall of 1997 they toured in Japan where they performed in Tokyo and Hiroshima.
...and Their 1999 cd Four Brothers, lyricist Ineke van Doorn and composer Marc van Vugt presents 11 new jazz songs. Trombonist Robin Eubanks is featured at three tracks and plays an exciting duet with the singer in 'The Collar'.

Vandoorn's second recording, President for life (1996), delivers accessible folk and soul-infused vocal jazz. Some of the best tracks feature guest Thomas Chapin on alto saxophone and flute. Their 1994 debut cd, The Question is me, presented a cool, inventive facet of jazz, with guests Don Thompson of Canada on piano, and trumpeter Kenny Wheeler .
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