April 12 till 16 2013, HKU, K&W building, Mariaplaats 27, Utrecht
Part of the celebration of the Peace Treaty of Utrecht.

During 5 days students and alumni of the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) improvise, compose and perform together with guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt, singer/pianist Ineke van Doorn and five national and international professional musicians.

Robin Eubanks (USA) trombone.
Michael Occhipinti (CA) guitarist/composer/conductor.
Steve Bersford (UK) piano, electronics and much more.
Sylvain Beuf (FR) saxes/flute
Ineke van Doorn (NL) voice, piano and lyrics.
Saskia Coolen (NL) recorder.
Marc van Vugt (NL) guitarist/composer/conductor.

A collaboration of the Peace Treaty of Utrecht, The Utrecht School for the Arts and Baixim Music Productions

On this page you will find information and news on the upcoming project UBUNTU II

Ubuntu and the Peace Treaty of Utrecht

  • In 2013 the 300 year anniversary of the signing of the Peace of Utrecht will be celebrated. This Peace Treaty, that was signed by diplomats from all over Europe, put an end to two centuries of religious fights and bloody wars and thus became an example for the solution to later conflicts.
  • Ubuntu, as used by Desmond Tutu, is also being called Peace through reconciliation. It is an African concept in which two enemies come together at the market square to truly hear and understand each other’s stories and discover their shared humanity. A second theme of the project is global and local heroes. International cooperation is a third theme.
  • The Ubuntu project takes place from April 12 through April 16, 2013. At the same time the Edward Saïd Memorial Conference (15 t/m 17 April) is taking place. This is located in the nearby Academie Gebouw in Utrecht and has a focus a.o. on the role of culture in diplomacy and in peace negotiations.

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