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Date: 2013

ⓒIneke van Doorn Wallpaper Hands are tied
And lives are sadly lost
It's justified
We know the costs
When families weep:
It must go on-- and on

Trees are cut
And sorts do disappear
With ifs and buts
We'll spend a year
To judge the way
We must go on and on

The news of the day
Is like wallpaper
For life at its best

The news of the day
Better turn the page
It's as good as it gets

The television screen lightens up
the end of day
With food from the takeaway

We watch and discuss
Other person's lives

We shake our heads
And know what's wrong
Our daily bread
Our daily song
Then we get up to take a beer
Or two

Lives tied
Lives lost
Daily costs
Holysloot In here
The air is cool
Away from the heat
Giving shelter to the hopes of faithful men
Withstanding the years

Humbly they're bowing their heads
Whispering their vows
Pleading mercy for their loved ones
Please have mercy
For myself

Without a name I sit and see

The ceiling, high
So blue
White entering a snowy white
where shadows fail to catch the light
no dusk or dawn to trace
no doubt this is your hiding place
colors of vanilla ice
it's strange how only blanks survived
curtains whispering a breeze
I'm not so sure that I'm at ease

amazing how your world seems right
one tree, one bed, a white that's white
Seeming so calm, so cool
no trace of hues
you're bleaching your life
your blues

the room I'm in seems very wide
though it makes me realize
how painful space can be
when all this space's not meant for me

a box is kept under the bed
you take it out, I hold my breath
a case that holds your state of mind
with all the blues that you can find

the warmth brings out even some red
I meet your eyes and turn my head

Seeming so calm, so cool
not showing hues
I'm bleaching my life
my blues

sitting down, I hear that tune
shading your milky room
slowly we change a word or two

I see you close the lid and then
I know my place again
Huggin' and a kissin' A collage of poetic, personal and contemporary thoughts and concepts. Encountering 'The Hug Shirt', 'Free hugs' and Stevie Smith's words.

Where were you?
Where were you?
I watched
I winked
I whispered


First our canvas was the ocean
Then we explored mountains and valleys
And we tried every color
Just every color

Was it for that longing lady..
Was it for the change of air ..

I gasped

All alone, all for him
All alone, all for him
Come away, come away

Then I turned to Stevie's words
"But there were no gentlemen really,
only the phantoms"
and I recited Conviction IV
And what a conviction it was!

"i like to get off with people
i like to lie in their arms
i like to be held and tightly kissed
safe from all alarms

i like to laugh and be happy
with a beautiful, beautiful kiss
i tell you, in all the world
there is no bliss like this"

Where were you?
Where did you go?
I watched
I winked
I whispered

I missed my bliss

And then
I heard about Juan Mann who said that sometimes a hug is all we need, just a nice free
hug. And his sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.
To brighten up MY life.
To find back MY color.

What a man.
He's my man, not a phantom.

The next thing I heard was about a Hug Shirt.
A Hug Shirt!

Apparently I was not the only one looking for a bliss.
For a beautiful kiss.

A shirt that sends hugs over distance!
With sensors that feel the strength of the touch,
the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate.

Boom, boom!
A transfer of emotion.
Boom, boom!
A transfer of the hug of your distant loved one.
Boom, boom!
"Human-human interaction"
"Be held and tightly kissed, safe from all alarms"

What a bliss!
This distant kiss!
Be safe from all alarms!
Tea Just awake
Reading the hour
Taking a shower slowly
Is he still with her
Is he still with her now
Bearing the light
Counting black sheep at night

Time for tea
Filling the kettle
Boiling the water slowly
I set the table
And force myself to eat
Spilling my tea
Does he still think of me

You and I
We eat our breakfast
Facing each other daily
Right in the middle
Right in the middle love
Sugar and bread
Some things don't need to be said

Hours pass
Filling up my cup again
Almost reaching for the phone
For a scene that is well-known
I hesitate
Pulling back my arm
It is not It is not
and yet it's close to me
circling round my ear
softly touching stone
my skin so cold, alone

It is not
and yet I took the chance
a gift that I must hold
slowly unfolding
like a song
called "Alone"

This new love
is like a maze to me
like a dance unknown
You may lead
or I may step away
dancing on my own
Big Mouth, Big Man Big mouth
Big man speaks
Picked from the gray selection
He'll bring the world to his knees

Big world
Small perception
Do not think
Follow, he'll do the rest
Certainly that is best

The fact he's got no brains at all
The question marks on his face
Do not count in gaining control
So runs the human race

Ask him about his targets
And he will smile
"Big is best" he'll answer you
Not having much of a clue

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