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Date: 2014

ⓒIneke van Doorn The Secret of the Machines Free adaptation of ‘The Secret of the Machines’ by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

Coming from deep down underneath,
Melted in the pit --
Cast and wrought hammered to design,
Cut and filed to fit.

Water, coal, oil is all we ask,
And just a thousandth of an inch to play:
And if you’ll set us to work,
We’ll serve you night and day!

We can pull, push and lift and drive,
Print, heat, weave and light,
We can run, race and swim and dive,
Hear, count, read and write!

Would you call a friend abroad?
Well give his name, his town and state to me,
You’ll see and hear your question hurled
Straight across the sea.

Did he answer you should come?
You can start this very evening if you choose,
You can take the Western Ocean
In the stride of thousand horses and screws!

Pushing and driving, weaving, lighting, running and diving
Hissing and humming, pounding, puffing, drilling and drumming
What about Words I live in a meadow – story by Ineke Vandoorn

I live in a meadow
My life is so green
That it spills its juice
While chewing on daily matters

When I’m in a good mood
I might polkadot my universe
With yellow buttercups
Or dress up the clouds
With a golden lining

My story is told by the river
My song is sung by the birds
And whenever the wind comes by
I make sure that he takes on my message
Tuning it to the sound of its voice
I am Here
Here I am
Am I
I'm a word
A single word
Being nothing
Being I am here now
Being that

I am here, I am there, always, never, where I am not and yet
I am here, I am there, always, never, where I am not, yet I am

Here you are
Are you
You're a word
A single word
Being nothing
Being I am here now
Being that

I am here, I am there, always, never, where I am not and yet
I am here, I am there, always, never, where I am not yet I am
Here it is
Is it
It's a word
A single word
Being nothing
Being I am here now
Being that
President for Life He pretends
the perfect man
when he smiles in the mirror

Looking spic
looking span
Like he's out of a bandbox
always ready

for the best
for the worst
for whatever may come
to his perfect world

rules himself
rules his life
President of himself

's all he wants from his subjects

incorruptible like a perfect machine

but inside
in his head
constant arguments start to bring confusion

feelings almost break through

As a fine gentleman
he calls for a meeting
secret deals
he hands in new proposals
to his inner self
Mister President for life
Blues for a voice Verse
she's there
I know she's always there awaiting her chance
waiting to be seen
there in her corner
or climbing up her favorite tree

please look at me
I'm conquering the whole world
while you keep on
chatting away

will anyone ever know
how beautiful you are?

she's still there
she keeps waiting
while singing a song of reality

growing up like other people
seem to do, so easily
mixing, matching
joyfully latching
onto life's mysteries

she keeps clinging to the thought that all is human
finding reasons for her bluesy feelings
talking to this busy little thing

questions and answers
that are flowing from the deepest
inner places of her heart
where she's not waiting

here's the rain in my heart
here's the sorrow in my life
trickling and dripping
into a song

sometimes it comes and it goes
like a stranger
appearing at night, alone
leaving where the southern winds will take him

listen to the rain
and listen to your heart
listen and hear the sound within

sometimes it comes and it goes
it's a message
teaching you about life, about love
telling you to find the southern winds again

give me the rain that falls in your heart
give me the sorrow in your life
sometimes it comes, sometimes it goes
wait til the wind blows
Circus Above (After Dark, Hunting Daylight)

Take a seat please, welcome to the show
Circus above, you must undergo
Scratch your head, scream, take a pill or two
Nothing will help, this parade will catch you

It walks simply into your mind
Without words or without warning
Cymbal sounds, high trumpets from behind
Wake-up call in the morning

It's lack of concentration, they say you should stay 'zen'
Why not try some meditation, yoga, TM

Chasing daydreams likely ten at least
Lions enter the indoor arena
Who's the beauty here and who's the beast
Who's the master of hara

Masses of people chitchat in your head
Three clowns perform their tricks while
A big band just begins their set

Looking so normal
Your poker face got you through the years
Looking so informal
While steam leaks from your ears

Take a seat please, welcome to the act
Mind you, don't react
Scratch your head, scream, score a pill or two
But don't believe it's true
It is not It is not
and yet it's close to me
circling round my ear
softly touching stone
my skin so cold, alone

It is not
and yet I took the chance
a gift that I must hold
slowly unfolding
like a song
called "Alone"

This new love
is like a maze to me
like a dance unknown
You may lead
or I may step away
dancing on my own

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